• Investigation of failed units in order to objectively determine failure reasons.
  • Engines lease.
  • Integrated Information System:

1. Access to the interactive electronic database of the operational documentation (User manual, bulletins, Catalog parts catalog).

2. Consultancy support of the design office (Answers to questions on the design and operation).

3. Real time track of performed works (monitoring of the orders fulfillment).

4. Design and technological support of the design office (Tracking of trends, prevention of failure).

5. Online catalog of parts and assemblies (possibility to order parts in real time mode).

  • Spare parts supply:

1. Supply of spare parts for TV3-117 and VK-2500:

- for overhauls at aircraft repair plants

- for troubleshooting

- for refurbishment

- for current maintenance

2. Operation tools and equipment.

  • Training:

Training can be provided at the Training Center of JSC “Klimov” and at the site of the customer. The training program is designed for 5-10 days and covers such issues as construction, design, operation, troubleshooting, and adjustments of TV3-117 and VK-2500 engines. Upon completion of the training the specialist certificate is issued.