• Engines developed by Klimov fly in 80 countries.
  • 27% of the world helicopter fleet is equipped with various versions of Klimov engines.
  • Klimov engines are installed on 95% of Russian small and medium-load helicopters.
  • The total number of engines and gearboxes produced exceeds 120,000.
  • The total operation time of our products exceeds 160,000,000 hours.

Customers all over the globe appreciate Klimov’s knowledge and expertise. At home, entrusted to us has been the safety of the President; Klimov is the official supplier of engines for the Russian President’s helicopters.

The Klimov company is a seasoned player at the international market. Joint programs with foreign companies have contributed to our credibility as a trustworthy partner. We were involved in the following international projects:

  • Installation, performance monitoring and maintenance of the Larzac (Snecma) engine on a prototype MiG-AT trainer aircraft.
  • Development and installation of the SMR-95 engine for Super Mirage F-1 and Super Cheetah D-2 jet fighters.
  • Development of the RD-93 engine for the Chinese FC-1 jet fighter (the Super-7 project), a joint project with the Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group and the Mikoyan Design Bureau.
  • Development of the RD-33MK engine for shipborne MiG-26K/KUB jet fighters of the Indian Air Force.

We assume full responsibility for the quality of our products at all levels, from a lathe operator to the CEO.

Those who entrust engine development to the Klimov Company secure a highly professional partner equipped with modern machinery and technologies that meet all international demands to the aircraft industry.