The exposition is located in a small bright hall, where sky-blue pedestals hold aircrafts, helicopters, rockets and even a tank engines designed and manufactured by the Company in the XX century. Visiting our museum you will make an exciting journey through time, you will witness the history of the design thought, evolution of Russian aviation engine building. You will learn from the heroic pages of Russian aviation, its history and people who made it.

JSC “Klimov” Museum is one of the few in the country that holds genuine aeronautical equipment. Visitors have a unique opportunity to take a close look from any angle, touch propeller blades, twirl working shafts and admire the grace and perfection of constructions...

In 1930 the Company launched mass production of motorcycles. Prototype of the legendary IZH, one of the few copies remaining from those days, is the first one to greet museum guests.

The central piece of the exhibition is the power plant of the world famous Mi-8 helicopter. Two gas-turbine engines TV2-117 with the redactor gear are unique representatives of their class capable to work on any fuel: diesel, kerosene, gasoline.

Here you will find VK-1 created for jet fighters MIG-15, MIG-17, bomber aircraft IL-28, torpedo plane TU-14T; VK-2, one of the first Russian turboprop engines; VK-3, the first Soviet bypass turbojet engine with the augmentor; famous RD-33 MIG-29 engine and TV7-117C aircraft engine designed for regional jets IL-114, IL-112 and others..

Visitors can touch glorified Klimov engines for helicopters: GTD-350 designed by the Company for MI-2 and Klimov’s pride TV3-117 engine, one of the best and most economic turboshaft engines of the class.

It is widely known that even tanks can fly with our engines: Company experts have done a lot in the field of domestic tank building. GTD-1250 for T-50U tank on the display is also a creation of the Klimov Company.

“Klimov” also took part in the space program. The museum exhibits 5D67 engine of the second stage of the S-200 air defense rocket and a liquid propellant engine for the silo-launched ballistic missile», both were designed by the Company.

The exhibition hall also stores a unique government order - one of the few miraculously preserved torches, developed and produced by "Klimov" for the "Olympics" of 1980.

The museum is open to a wide range of visitors, attracting the attention of professionals and amateurs. The museum's display also reflects key events of the world and national aviation and many accomplishments of "Klimov". Each exhibit is a milestone in the history of the company and the industry.

The museum regularly holds classes, presentations, lectures for school children and students of such universities as Baltic State Technical University "VOENMECH" named after D.F. Ustinov, Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, "FGBOU VPO" STU ", SAC, University of Civil Aviation, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

In 2014 JSC “Klimov” will move from the center of Saint-Petersburg into the new design and production complex in Primorsky region. The museum exposition will be renewed and considerably enlarged.

Museum contacts:

Saint-Petersburg, Bolshoy Sampsonievsky, 69.

Phone: (812) 295-43-68 (ext. 128)

The museum is open for visitors during the working week from 15.00 to 17.00 hrs. (Please, contact the museum in advance to arrange the visit)